Business start-up and expansion are essential components to local economic development. In fact, many of South Florida’s most successful companies were start-ups in their own right. Most entrepreneurs agree that raising capital is the primary obstacle hindering their growth. And while venture capital firms (“VC’s”) receive a great deal of attention, the fact is that VC’s currently invest lest than 5% of all venture funds in seed and early stage deals. In the South Florida region, few venture or angel sources are making investments in early stage growth companies today. In addition, those venture firms outside the South Florida region are of little help. Since venture capital funds have increased in size in the past decade, their minimum investment has correspondingly increased to the point where few VC’s today consider financings of less than $5-7 million. The goal of Ignition Point is to bridge the gap between “friends and family” and traditional VC financing for companies in the South Florida area. Funding and assistance from Ignition Point will allow a start-up to accomplish critical milestones that will make it attractive for a larger follow-on venture capital financing.